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Artist: @dubgeemusic

Artist: @eyezofthe90s

Artist: @ktbigbro

How it works

Pay & then upload

Upload raw stems, Logic project file, or GarageBand project file. Instructions will be shown after payment.

Stemmer mixes automatically

Our AI based system analyzes your vocals and optimizes effects. Your song is mastered too.

Human quality assurance

A Stemmer engineer ensures your mix is high quality. 48 hour turnaround time.

Our Customers

Image of artist named Benny

"It was convenient cause I could just zip my Logic file and send it."


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"Where can I write a good review? With other engineers, I struggled to figure out the stems. Stemmer was easier."


Picture of Islayem (artist)

"I really like how easy it was to drop my project file into Stemmer and let the magic happen."